GUESS jeans | SUNGLASS HUT Ray-Bans | TOBI jacket | BNKR The Fifth top

I couldn’t be happier that my first post on the new blog happens to coincide with me wearing this giant fuzzy pink coat – 100% excited to be a yeti this Winter. Also, equally as excited for more denim in my life after accumulating a few pairs lately, with this black pair leading the pack. In fact the next few months are going to exist solely of jeans (hopefully lots of the flared and/or ripped variety), knits, and coats. But who am I kidding, the South African Winter is so mild I’ll probably be wearing that leather mini I spied at Zara last night.

But back to this pair by #GUESSSouthAfrica, called the Power Curvy. I probably couldn’t have found a more perfect-fitting pair of denim if I’d tried. They somehow manage to be skin-tight yet super comfy at the same time, and are the perfect ankle grazing length which is where most jeans fail in my opinion, making them my ultimate go-to’s right now. I styled them with the my yeti jacket because I’m all about balancing super skinny with some volume, oh and a simple stripe tee because there’s something about black jeans and a stripe tee that’s just oh so french, classic and perfect.

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ZARA dress, leather gilet, boots | SUNGLASS HUT Miu Miu sunglasses | BING BANG green ring & bracelet | VANESSA MOONEY bird ring

Oh hey there, dark hair.

I’m going through a bit of a hair crisis at the moment, can you tell? I really don’t know what colour I want to be,
but at the moment I’m quite feeling the platinum blonde look I had a little while back – something tells me I’ll be changing things up again verrry soon.

This weekends been spent doing major me time, the 9-5 life’s been getting a bit much lately and I’ve been feeling like I’v had no time to myself.
So nail painting, eyebrow sorting-out, a visit to my hair salon for a much needed trim and maybe a little retail therapy is on the cards.

Also, can we take a second to appreciate the genius combo of dark floral & leather? x